Technology + Social Activism

Technology and Social Activism

Technology's role in social awareness and activism has never been more present than in the recent cases highlighting police brutality and "stand your ground" laws. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube serve as communication platforms as well as galvanizing tools that can rapidly solicit a worldwide movement for change or action. Beyond communication new apps have emerged that cater to specific social issues and assist users in promoting the change they seek. From capturing and recording a traffic stop to providing safe haven for abuse victims these tools demonstrate how technology can support the movements that concern us the most. This town hall style event was an open discussion that will focus on technology's use to support “grass-roots” efforts to change the world. Attendees and subject matter experts were active participants and contributed to discussions on the following:

  • As people of color how critical has technology been in issues that affect us in the world?
  • What applications, wearables, web sites are available to communicate the need, capture the events, and promote social change?
  • What companies or individuals have developed apps for or work in this space?
  • What non-profits exists that could or are benefitting from such technology?
  • What is the potential for technology in social awareness and change?
  • How can we as technologist become more involved in these efforts?